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Posted by Jeff Johnston on December 20, 2006 at 14:19:04:

In Reply to: Re: CSS Virginia artifacts posted by Mabry Tyson on November 10, 2006 at 09:22:58:

There was some initial work done on the Virginia's wreck during the War, but the USN put a stop to it. The wreck site was often visited by the curious and souvenir hunters.

I'd like to see some photos of the knife.

As for the ANCHOR, yes, they were made by the Old Dominon Iron and Nail works and sold at the 1907 Jamestown Expo. They also made the horse shoes that mabry mentioned.

I own two of the anchors, one of the horseshoes and several dozen of the repro horseshoes. The best way to tell the repro from the original is to stick a magnet to it. The repros are made from pot metal.

I wouldn't mind seeing the

: I know nothing about the powder knife. I wonder a bit about the "sunk two years" phrase as I don't believe there were any actual recovery efforts in 1864. The wreck was in shallow enough water that an individual could have free dived to the wreck, but considering the Virginia was blown up, it would have been a debris field.

: [Not that the powder knife would be from it, but there was another famous USS Merrimac that was sunk in 1898 off Cuba. There was also a CSS Merrimac and later USS Merrimac that was a side-wheel steamer that was also sunk during the Civil War.]

: The horseshoe was sold at the Jamestown Exposition. I have both one from that time and one that is a modern reproduction. It is hard to distinguish the reproduction horseshoe from the original. There is a difference in the accompanying cards however.

: There are other forms of "artifacts" sold at the time of the exposition. Whether these are actually from iron from the Virginia, I can't say. Certainly they were purported to be that at the time they were sold and they could have been.

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