Recovery of the CSS Virginia

The Norfolk Virginian Wednesday October 7, 1874

The Old Merrimac - Operations against the wreck of the famous ram and iron clad Merrimac or Virginia, sunk just above Craney Island, have been recommenced, and the wrecking firm of B. & J. Baker & Co., has the matter in hand. There have been many bites made at this cherry, but we imagine that a clean sweep will be made at this time, as this firm is not in the habit of doing things by halves.

The Norfolk Virginian Tuesday May 30, 1876

Remains of the Ram Merrimac - The remaining or bottom timbers of the Merrimac, as reported lately in these columns as having been raised by diver West, were towed up to the harbor yesterday and moored near Gosport Navy Yard. It is not known what disposition will be made of them.

The Norfolk Virginian Wednesday May 31, 1876

The Merrimac - The portion of the Merrimac which was raised from Craney Island Bend by Captain William West on Saturday, passed up to the navy yard in tow of the tug Nettie, and was placed into drydock yesterday. She will be taken to pieces and the machinery taken out. A part of the woodwork, we learn, will be taken over to Messrs. Tilley Bros. to be manufactured into canes of the famous old Confederate ram. The water was pumped from the drydock last night and parties wishing to visit the wreck will have a favorable opportunity to do so today.


CSS Virginia