Transcribed from the handwritten log page (reproduced from the original in the National Archives) presented in The Mystery of the Merrimack.

Log of U.S. Steamer "Monitor" Lieut. J L. Worden Comdg

Sunday March 9/62

Comes in fine weather + calm

At 1/2 past-One piped all to quarters, have up
anchor,     at 2 AM came to anchor again

Geo Fredrickson

4 to 8 PM[E1] fine weather + calm, at Sunrise saw
3 steamers lying under Sewals Point, Made one
out to be the Rebel steamer Merrimac, At 7,20
got under weigh + stood towards her + piped all
hands to quarters,

J. Worden

From 8 to Meridian fine clear weather, the Rebel
steamers advancing + opened fire on the Minnessota
8,20 opened fire on the Merrimac, from that time
until 12, constantly engaged with the Merrimac

Louis Stodder

From Meridian to 4 PM clear weather.
At 12,30 rifled shell struck the Pilot House severely
injuring Commander Worden     1 PM the
Merrimac hauled off in a disabled condition,
Stood towards the Minnesota + received on board
Ast Sec Fox of the Navy     2 PM Capt Worden
left for Fort Monroe in charge of Surgeon Logue

Geo Fredrickson

4 to 6 PM fine weather.     I came to anchor to
alongside the Minnessota.

J. Worden[E2]

6 to 8 fine clear weather,   sharp lookout kept.

Louis Stodder

8 to 12 weather the same,     "   "  "   "
10 PM. Lieut Edwin Flye joined the vessel
as Extv Offir[E3]

Geo Fredrickson

Transcription notes:

[E1] The text had "PM" with apparently an "(A)" above it.

[E2]This appears to be "J. Worden", similarly to the one for the 8AM entry. However, Worden was removed from the ship by 2PM. Possibly it could be "I. Newton" (the only other officer whose name could be confused with "J. Worden").

[E3] It is difficult to read the name of this person ("Lieut" appears to be "Leit") and the position.

CSS Virginia
Transcription copyright 1997 by Mabry Tyson