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In 1907, Joseph G. Fiveash (Virginia (Merrimac) - Monitor Engagement...) wrote: "The crew of the Virginia numbered three hundred and twenty, but in order to obtain her full complement of men it was necessary to procure volunteers from the army. A call was made upon the Norfolk United Artillery for men to supply the deficiency. The entire company responded but as only thirty-one were needed, that number was selected." Apparently, Kevill was a thirty-second man to serve aboard the Virginia as his men wanted one of their officers aboard. The 6 survivors in 1907 could remember the 29 men whose names are in red below, of the 36 men listed in the 135th Anniversary brochure. Also listed in red is Lt. Lakin. John W. H. Porter (History of Norfolk County, Virginia, 1892) reports that Captain Kevill was in command on the Virginia's trips in March and April, but Lakin was in charge on the May 8th trip. It may be that Lakin was a 33rd man from this company to serve on the Virginia.

(Hoehling indicates 80 members were aboard.)

Sixteen men of this company manned a 9-inch broadside gun while the other fifteen were used to fill in on the other guns. Their gun had its muzzle shot off during the engagement with the Cumberland.

The United Artillery was assigned elsewhere just before the fall of Norfolk and so was not with the ship's crew when the ship was destroyed. Although they spent much time assigned to Drury's Bluff, this was after the battle of May 15, 1862. A number of the men would volunteer for naval expeditions under John Taylor Wood (formerly of the Virginia).

Kevill's company was Company E of the 41st Regiment of the Virginia Infantry (later with the 19th Virginia Battalion Heavy Artillery).

There were other men and officers of the United Artillery Company that are not listed below. See Porter for details. All ranks are from Porter.

The primary source for this listing was the brochure from the 135th Anniversary of the battle.


135th Anniversary Brochure: It appears that this information came from the 125th Anniversary Brochure and was created by Irwin Berent.

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