Others Aboard the Virginia



[T2]135th Anniversary Brochure: It appears that this information came from the 125th Anniversary Brochure and was created by Irwin Berent.

Boswell, Larry, of Ottawa, Canada (personal communication re letter from James Mabey).

[T12] Email from Joseph C. Ford, October 1999. His relative James T. Brady attended or planned to attend a reunion circa 1907 and had a five page listing of the crew of the Virginia where the first four pages were the muster roll from the ORN while the fifth page had 19 additional names in the same format and type as the previous four pages, while a twentieth name (Rance) was added (in a different font) at the bottom of the second page.

[T13]Tattnall, Josiah. Proceedings of a Naval General Court Martial, in the Case of Captain Josiah Tattnall.
Richmond: Macfarlane & Fergusson, 1862. (Microform 1974)

[T14]Curtis, Richard. History of the Famous Battle Between the Iron-Clad Merrimac, C.S.S., and the Iron-Clad Monitor and the Cumberland and Congress of the U.S. Navy,
March the 8th and 9th, 1862, as Seen by a Man at the Gun
Norfolk, Va.: S. S. Turner and Sons, 1907.

[T15]Phillips, Dinwiddie B. "The Career of the Merrimac" in Southern Bivouac. Louisville Kentucky, March 1887, pp 598-608.

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