Crew of the C.S.S. Virginia

Only the Navy and Marine personnel are listed below. Because of a lack of qualified sailors, a number of soldiers from the CSA were transferred to the Navy to man the C.S.S. Virginia. These are listed here.

Much of this is taken from the Muster Roll listed in the Official Records of the Navies.

Norris and White give the home state of many of the officers.

There is often confusion that  Virginius Newton served on the Virginia. He was aboard the Beaufort for the battles and does not appear in the muster roll. The SHSP editors mention him as aboard the Virginia, as does Smith, but I suspect they are confused by his SHSP article about the battle (in which he places himself aboard the Beaufort.)

Maxine Turner's Navy Gray lists some people that went with Catesby Jones from the Virginia to Saffold, Georgia, and to the Chattahoochee.  Among them is "Charles King Mallory, Jr., a Hampton, Virginia, midshipman (the Gallant 'Young Mallory' who had been the first to board the US Congress after the Virginia's attack forced her surrender)".  This indicates that he was probably on the CSS Beaufort.

She also lists Coxswain John Rosler, Seaman A. W. Tembler, and Seaman Thomas Sanders who aren't on the muster roll.

Those she lists that are on the muster roll that went with Catesby ap Roger Jones to Saffold are:
Hardin Beverly Littlepage, Henry H. Marmaduke, William Young, James C. Cronin, George May, John Perry, John Dunlop[sic], John Jolif, and Pat Martin.    The list of transfers may have missed Acting Midshipman W. J. Craig, First Assistant Engineer John W. Tynan, possibly Eugene T. Henderson (listed as Landsman on the Virginia and Paymasters Clerk on Chattahoochee), possibly Thomas Saunders (Ordinary Seaman vs. Second Gunner ), possibly George Smith (Ordinary Seaman vs.Captain Top.), possibly William Walker (Landsman),

Smith also lists Bennett W. Green as an assistant surgeon.

South Carolina 1st Infantry (Gregg's) Company I - Richardson Guards lists 12 individuals that transferred to the CS Navy and apparently to the CSS Virginia. Nine of the names appear on the Virginia's muster roll. However, these three don't appear:

South Carolina 1st Infantry (Gregg's) Company L lists this individual whose name does not appear on the muster roll

Georgia Volunteer Infantry, 4th Regiment, Company G lists two individuals as going to the "Merrimac" but this is apparently a later ship.

North Carolina Troops[T11] lists these individuals as going to the "Merrimac" but their names do not appear on the muster roll.

The 9th Regiment Virginia Volunteers provided at least 7 men to the Virginia. The following individual does not appear in the muster roll:

The Louisiana Confederate Pensions Records indicate three men that have been on the Virginia. One was on the muster roll.


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