The following information was provided by Dorothy Grimes Owens, March 2001, about her great-grandfather, John Allen Lovett. 

John Allen Lovett

Served on the CSS Patrick Henry

Lieutenant JOHN ALLEN LOVETT served on the CSS PATRICK HENRY 1861-1862, at Drewys Bluff, Va. 1862, on the CSS CHATTAHOOCHEE, 1862-63, CSS NORTH CAROLINA, at Wilmington Station 1863-64. He was paroled April 9, 1865 Appomattox C. H. Enlisted in United States Navy as a Gunner Officer on Sept 1, 1857. Dismissed June 8, 1861. Enlisted in Confederate Navy June 20,1861. Gunner Officer, Provisional Navy, June 2, 1864.John Allen Lovett

John Allen Lovett was born Dec 5, 1831 in New Brunswick. His father Capt. John Lovett and his mother Mary Shaw Lovett were from the old New England Families of Beverly Mass. John A. Lovett married Margaret Ann Gregory on Dec 30, 1854, in Portsmouth, Va. Family history has it that he resigned his U.S. Navy commission. As I understand it officers were allowedto resign but seamen were not. I know that he was with General Robert E. Lee at Appomatox. His wife and children were with him.

The following story was printed sometime in the 1930 Portsmouth Star (I have not had a chance to check this out). During the surrender at the Appomatox Court House, John A. Lovett's two older children , Emma, age 10, and Jesse, about 7, wandered away from their mother and got lost in the crowd. They were finally found and evidently it was quite a stir when General Lee came upon the scene. General Lee broke off two small branches off a tree and gave one to each child. He told them to remember this day.

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