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Different numbers are stated for the number of prisoners taken. Parker[T17] states that there were 26 prisoners of which 5 were wounded. Manley reports that "Leroy", captain of gun #13 was killed by the first exchange of broadsides.

New York 99th Regiment Infantry "Union Coast Guard This unit served and suffered losses on the Congresss on March 8, 1862.

See also the New York 7th Regiment Infantry

Lt. Pendergrast's report of March 19 indicates

"Total number of officers and men on board 434
Total number of officers and men on board accounted for 298
Total number of killed, wounded, and missing 136
Total number of wounded taken on shore 26
Total number killed and missing 110
Total number of wounded (since dead) 10
Total number of killed, missing, and died on shore 120"

Unfortunately, I have not yet collected the names of the other crew. Any help would be appreciated.


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