Port Columbus Civil War Naval Center

Grand Opening

March 9-11, 2001

These pictures were taken at a very successful grand opening of the new facilities of the Port Columbus Civil War Naval Center (formerly Confederate Naval Museum). Unfortunately I couldn't take pictures of everything.


Visitors at the events were of all sizes and ages.

CSS Jackson

Clearly the most impressive exhibit of the museum is the CSS Jackson. Although only the bottom of the hull of the ship exists, the museum has built a superstructure around her to show her full extent. My photographs do not begin to reflect the impression one gets looking at (and through) the whole vessel at once.

The opening ceremonies had a full house with more people watching from above and from the adjacent walkway. The long mural on the right depicts important events and ships of the Civil War

The main room housed a number of exhibits, some apparently on loan. Along the left edge of this picture you can just barely see a walkway with a wall that gives the history of the navies in the Civil War. The uniform of Catesby ap Roger Jones was displayed in that walkway. On the other side of the wall (visible in this photo) were a number of period photographs. During the opening ceremonies, we were serenaded by a band playing on the deck of the mock-up of the Monitor (you can see the tower at the back with its canopy).

Along the right side of the image is a mock-up of the USS Hartford.. To the right of what is shown in this photograph is a series of rooms interior to the ship.


The flag of the USS Galena after being turned back with the Monitor and Naugatuck at Drewry's Bluff by Confederate forces, including the crew of the CSS Virginia.

A grating from an ironclad

Commander Catesby ap Roger Jones's Uniform
See more details of the uniform.

Models of the Virginia and Monitor

Of course there were many more exhibits than I've shown here.


There were a hardy bunch of sailors and soldiers that came to the opening ceremonies.

The reenactors discharge (no shell, of course) of an XI-inch Brooke cannon.

Virginia - Monitor Paintings

CSS Virginia
Copyright 2001 by Mabry Tyson