Monitor Turret 8/10/2002

Many people waited for the turret to come (we had been told 9:30 the day before, but it really was transferred after noon). There was a good crowd, but some people couldn't continue to wait. The lines going into the tent were for the give-aways of posters, paper models, and certificates as honorary crew members.


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This is the flat bed that was used to carry the turret off the barge (on a temporary bridge)


The towed turret was parked here for the ceremonies. We were able to get pictures from every side. The left rear tire of the truck bed had a sidewall blowout but that didn't affect the trip. The hoses are for the system to sprinkle water on the turret to keep from it being damaged by drying out.


With a better sun angle, you can clearly see signs of the two dents above and to the right of the right gun port, just barely on the other side of the arm labelled 6. One dent is above and to the left of the other with the two touching.

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The ceremonies

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At the Mariners' Museum, these are parts of the engine recovered last year.

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The turret is being slid into the tank before the tank is welded together around it. Note the portholes to view the turret. A structure will eventually be built to view the turret from above (i.e., looking into the original bottom of the turret towards the top).

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A working model of the Monitor's engines. A bell and a dagger hilt from the Monitor.

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