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This site could not have been built without the search engines, especially AltaVista and Google. For that I owe them a debt of thanks. You will find their services invaluable for your research. Each of those have different advantages. For your convenience I offer a way to initiate a search through their sites.

You can now search this site with either the Pico Search Engine or with Google. The Pico Search Engine is more likely to be updated when I make changes but Google may have other search capabilities.

You can also search each of the sites in the links. See the search box at the bottom of the pages of links.


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Google also has the capability to search in a set of pages about the Civil War Navies.

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AltaVista advanced search allows Boolean queries. Visit their site for more options. The default search here is to search the Web for pages on the Virginia. You could search this site for, say, Catesby Jones (or "Jones, Catesby" or "Catesby ap Roger Jones") by entering

(Catesby near Jones) and

However at the time I write this, AltaVista hasn't indexed anything but the top page of this site.

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