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Model of Monitor 7" Brooke Rifle
Patrick Desplanque has built a 1/32 (6 foot) remote-controlled Monitor with working parts (guns, etc) and is building a similarly scaled (9 foot) remote-controlled Virginia. He also has a diorama of the wreck of the Monitor and a 7" Brooke Rifle. The Port Columbus Civil War Naval Museum displays his 1/32 model of the Monitor.

Models of Virginia and Monitor BlueJacket Shipcrafters offers these 1:192 model kits of the Virginia ($84) and the USS Monitor ($51).

Virginia and Monitor models CW Ironclads models (wood and paper) by Bill Mahmood. 1/185 scale. ($15 for Virginia, $10 for Monitor)

Miniature models (1/600) of the Virginia and the Monitor are made by Thoroughbred Miniatures (also available from Langton Miniatures [UK])
Virginia model Virginia and Monitor

Doug Smith of Columbus Ironworks (in Gahanna, Ohio) offers a 1/48 scale model of the USS Monitor for combat play. Monitor model

Lou Coatney offers (free for private use) plans for card stock models of the Monitor and CSS Virginia.

Lone Star Models. has its own line of Civil War ship models.

The Japanese Mindanao Society has exhibited some models of the Virginia and Monitor.

Model reference in FineScale Modelers of USS Monitor and CSS Virginia, May 1994, p19.

The Maryland Silver Company offers, from the National Archives, ship plans (including the Monitor and Virginia), ordnance plans, etc.

The Nautical Research Guild has a lot of information about models. In particular, they have a listing of what ship models are at what museums. They indicate Monitor models are at the Hampton Roads Naval Museum, Mariner's Museum, and Oregon Maritime Center & Museum and that Virginia models are at the Oregon Maritime Center and Hampton Roads Naval Museum.

EBay often has Virginia or Monitor models for sale. Click here to search EBay. Remember to use care in purchasing items.

CSS Virginia
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