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NNSY sealThe Norfolk Navy Ship Yard is a wonderful site (both the physical site and their WWW site) and a must-visit for anyone interested in the CSS Virginia. This was where the USS Merrimack was converted into the CSS Virginia in the first dry dock (also referenced here) in America. This was the home of the Virginia when it fought the Monitor. Trophy Park displays some armor of the CSS Virginia (with some original granite from Dry Dock #1) and a 32-pounder gun sunk with the USS Congress. It also displays several Dahlgren guns (for instance, a 9-inch gun versus the 11-inch guns on the Monitor).

MOC iconThe Museum of the Confederacy houses the anchor and drive shaft of the CSS Virginia as well as a large chain of the USS Cumberland. Unfortunately, their web site has no information on the Virginia.

[Museum Logo] The Mariners Museum at Hampton Roads has an impressive collection of information about all aspects of maritime activity. It has artifacts from both the Virginia and the Monitor. In fact, it will receive all the artifacts collected from the Monitor.

[HRNM logo]The Hampton Roads Naval Museum is a U.S. Navy-operated museum covering the many important naval events that occurred in and around Hampton Roads, Virginia. They have a number of well designed exhibits including the bell of the CSS Virginia. The library contains old and new books related to the area.

[Newspaper logo]The Virginian-Pilot (Hampton Roads, VA) contains a number of articles about the C.S.S. Virginia: Unfortunately, they have decided to charge for access to their archives and these links are no longer free. You can search their archives for these or other articles (there are more than listed here):

The War Times Journal has transcriptions from the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Navies in the War of the Rebellion of events leading up to the battle and the reports of the officers of the battle.

[Stars and Bars][First Naval Jack flag]At her aft, the Virginia flew an eleven star version of the Stars and Bars (left), the Confederate National Flag. The First Naval Jack (right) would have been flown in port near the bow of the ship. The National Park Service also has a page of Civil War flags.

On March 8, 1862, under Flag Officer Buchanan, the Virginia apparently flew his flag which was apparently a plain red pennant near the front of the shield. After Tattnall (a more senior flag officer) took command, the Virginia probably flew a plain blue pennant to show his rank.

[NARA icon] National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)
Government agency responsible for managing records of the federal government.
Various historical records, including now-public Census data, and images.

NARA has a Department of the Navy video "The Ship that Shook the World" on the Monitor and the battle with the Virginia. Also they have a sound recording of a show "Cheesebox on a Raft" from a series "Inheritance." There is also a video from 1964 which includes a bit of a reenactment in "CNO NORFOLK VISIT AND SECOND FLEET CHANGE OF COMMAND, 04/1964." Search for "Merrimac" in the Moving Pictures or the Sound Recordings Media in All Units. When it comes back with one result, click on Display Results.

[LOC icon] Search for a subject of "Merrimack (Frigate)" at the Library of Congress
Library of Congress Civil War pictures (LOC)

HistoryNet logo The History Net makes available on line articles from several magazines including Civil War Times and America's Civil War.

Mark Jenkins maintains The Civil War Ironclads page. There are other pages on the Ironclads. See the links page.

[NPS logo]The National Parks Service has a small bit on the site of the battle between the C.S.S. Virginia and the U.S.S. Monitor at Hampton Roads as part of the American Battlefield Preservation Program. There is also a bit on the battle at Drewry's Bluff.


Game BoxA board game based on the Monitor and the Virginia is available from Chatham Hill Games.

Contact in regards to the C.S.S. Virginia: Mabry Tyson ( ) (from Civil War Units File under the UTenn Civil War Home Page).

[Shamrock Hill Books logo] Shamrock Hill Books offers a good listing of Civil War Navy books and the Official Records of the Navies on CD.

post card imageSeattle Times on Feb. 18, 1996, did a story about the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition of 1909. This is a postcard showing the Monitor and Merrimac battle arena.

Homer SimpsonHomer Simpson mentions the "Merrimac" in an episode in Nov. 1996.

[Buchanan]A photograph at the Library of Congress of Commodore Franklin Buchanan, Flag-Officer of the Virginia.

A small comment on Commodore Buchanan's hospitalization after the battle at the Naval Hospital at Portsmouth, VA.

[C.a.R. Jones] A web page devoted to Catesby ap Roger Jones, Executive Officer of the Virginia.

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