Thomas ap Catesby Jones

Admiral of the Pacific Fleet


BIRTH: 24 APR 1790, Westmoreland Co.,Virginia,,"Hickory Hill"
DEATH: 30 MAY 1858, Fairfax Co.,Virginia,,"Sharon"
BURIAL: 1858, ,Georgetown,D.C.

Father: Catesby JONES
Mother: Lettice Corbin TURBERVILLE

Family 1: Mary Walker CARTER
MARRIAGE: 1 JUL 1823, Richmond,Virginia,,"Richmond Hill"

  1. Meriwether Patterson JONES
  2. Mary Lee JONES
  3. Mark Catesby JONES
  4. Martha Corbin JONES

The Commodore commanded a small "fleet" at Lake Pontchatrain in New Orleans in 1814. He was able to delay the British landing and enabled Andrew Jackson to gather his forces.

Subsequently, he stopped dueling in the U.S. Navy. He helped negotiate the treaty with the Hawaiians which gave the United States the islands. He then commanded the Pacific Squadron in 1842. He captured Monterey, California, from the Spanish who held Mexico at that time on receiving the erroneous information that war existed between the U.S. and Mexico. There is a plaque honoring is event in Monterey Harbor.

---Jones (1891), p. 75.

He entered the navy on 22 Nov 1805, and became lieutenant 24 May, 1812, commander 28 March, 1820, and captain 11 March 1829. From 1808 till 1812 he was engaged in the Gulf of Mexico where he was succesful in suppressing piracy, smuggling, and the slave-trade. When the British naval expedition against N.O. entered Lake Borgne in 1814 he endeavored to intercept forty British boats with his small flotilla. Although wounded and compelled to surrender, his conduct was much praised.

---Appleton's Cyclopaedia of American Biography

He married Mary Walker Carter on July 1, 1823

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