Catesby ap Roger Jones

Commander, CSN

Charles Bird King portraitCmdr Jones & Virginia picture

See his genealogy [Sorry, this is password-protected and only available to family members. If you need access, contact Mabry Tyson ] See an ancestry chart linking him to some of the early Colonial families.

BIRTH: 15 APR 1821, Frederick Co.,Virginia,(Now Clarke Co.),"Fairfield"
DEATH: 21 JUN 1877, Selma,Alabama
BURIAL: 1877, ,Selma,Alabama

Father: Roger JONES
Mother: Mary Ann Mason PAGE

Family 1: Gertrude Thomas TARTT
MARRIAGE: 23 MAR 1865, Selma,Alabama

  1. Roger ap_Catesby JONES
  2. Catesby ap_Catesby JONES
  3. Tartt ap_Catesby JONES
  4. Gertrude Letitia JONES
  5. Mary Page JONES
  6. Mattie Moran JONES

---Jones (1891), p. 78.

See W.S. Mabry's book, A Brief Sketch of the Career of Captain Catesby ap Roger Jones, published privately in Selma, Alabama, 1912.

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